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  • The average cost of hiring a building security company in Canada
    • 2019-06-14 11:19:39
    • admin

    They say you can’t appreciate the value of hiring a security guard until you’ve experienced a situation that requires one. Apart from protecting your property from burglars and break-ins, a security guard reflects positively on the value of your property and can help you attract quality tenants. If you’re thinking of hiring a security company to protect your building, you’re on the right track. We...

  • What is Guard Patrol System?
    • 2019-06-14 10:55:40
    • admin

    Security guard patrols are very important and necessary. In fields where security patrols are an important part of the operations such as mining, industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, and security services for residential housing. The personnel assigned to this must task complete their duties on time and at the correct locations. Benefits: a. Commercial, durable products with high quality ...

  • What's should be contained in a smart guard patrol software ?
    • 2019-06-06 17:03:22
    • admin

    As the top priority among guard tour system , an intelligent guard patrol software can help owner much to improve the management efficiency . What’s should be contained in a smart guard patrol software ? 1. Simple operation guidance page , since guard patrol management main rely on setup and report query , so a simple operation page which can help new users to start and finish all procedure quickl...

  • The advent of guard patrol system
    • 2019-05-24 18:07:43
    • admin

    Why guard patrol system existed ? Because social development . 1.Patrol staff absent 2.Not accurate patrol recording 3.Not clear responsibility 4.No track for management 5.Inefficient processing for security hidden danger To solve this problem, then guard patrol system came out ! With the time and technology development , guard patrol system get updating also , from the traditional watchman clock ...

  • The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Guard Monitoring Systems
    • 2019-05-24 18:03:01
    • admin

    The trick of getting the work done is to make it as simple as possible. If your security guard has to carry multiple devices to the site for attendance, time clock, GPS, schedules differently, it is cumbersome for him and you too have to chase down employee time sheets every week and then spend more time checking their accuracy. The simpler way is to pick up a guard tour management system&nbs...

  • Operation of Security Patrol Management System
    • 2019-04-27 11:20:51
    • admin

    Security Patrol Management System is not strange for some people since the technology and security development . Now let’s discuss how to operation Security Patrol Management System . Security Patrol Management System contain check point , handheld patrol scanner , staff ID card , patrol management software . How to confirm the quantity of each item ? A.Check point : Its fixed on patrol site with ...

  • Time rules of Guard Patrol System
    • 2019-04-27 11:11:37
    • admin

    Patrol time and frequency is the most important condition to ensure the property security , usually the patrol time are based on each company’s working environment , for example, the paper production shop ask every one hour should go patrol at night , and main check hayrick . For housing estate, ask 30 mins to check the important Entry and Exit, also the blind angle of CCTV camera. And at day , th...

  • What can a checkpoint guard tour systems do ?
    • 2019-04-12 18:10:25
    • admin

    Applied in security guard patrolling 1. The Checkpoint guard tour systems will regularly show you whether your property is being well patrolled or not. 2. When security guards know that their activities are being recorded, there is a strong motivation for them to follow the rules and patrol your property the way they are supposed to. 3. The Checkpoint guard tour systems can also be used for incide...

  • Watchman patrol guard software files lost
    • 2019-04-12 17:55:22
    • admin

    Question : My watchman patrol guard software files lost, how can I find it ? Answer : If just lost the file, can contact with your vendor to get the new software package If you lost the data file , can find the database backup . Usually there is a folder for data backup files storage, can recover all setup and logs history from the file . Warm reminding : Please don’t install your watchman patrol ...

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