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  • Operating principle of patrol system
    • 2018-08-17 17:35:49
    • admin

    Place the RFID patrol tag at key site on patrol route, security guard officer will carry a portable security guard patrol reader and walk along with scheduled patrol route, when arrive to patrol site, use portable device to scan these checkpoint as clock in. If some exception founded , can also record these exception event with device , portable device will save scanned tags ID and date as a piece...

  • What is Patrol System and where need this ?
    • 2018-08-17 17:30:07
    • admin

    1. Where to use Patrol System ? In most company and industry , like Community, hotel , factories, Coal Mine , Oil field , telecommunication, railway, public security, Post office, electric power, bus transportation, warehouse and so on . Patrolling and inspection are very important , all ask duty officer to go to patrol site and check as specified time and scanning order . 2. What effect can Patro...

  • What are the main duties of guard man ?
    • 2018-08-10 19:33:24
    • admin

    1.Walk around specified patrol area and record the exception they found during patrolling 2.Report all problem to the superior in time and coordinated with relevant departments for resolution. 3.Carry emergency light , spontoon , security clocking device and other related equipment 4.Inspect cleaning result for patrol duty area and inform housekeeper for cleanup. 5.Check for public equipment and f...

  • GUARD TOUR SYSTEM- scientific management for guard patrolling activities
    • 2018-08-10 19:29:04
    • admin

    With society and economy development , all activated are protected by law and order, therefore, there are some person work for these to keep the peace. Its not enough if only reply on security guards, for proper working performance, security equipment published. There are classified by several types ,such as trumpet, Walkie Talkie, Irritating spray and so on . Today's technology is no exception to...

  • What is RFID ?
    • 2018-08-03 17:18:42
    • admin

    RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification),also called electronic tags, rfid frequency identification. It’s a kind of communication technology , can Also called electronic labels, radio frequency identification (rfid), is a kind of communication technology, can through the radio signal to identify specific targets and to read and write data, without identification system and establish a mech...

  • New 'Biometric Identification Technology' In Guard Tour System
    • 2018-08-03 17:14:38
    • admin

    All kinds of security incidents in the society are inseparable from the negligence of the staff of the post and the numbness of the mind. Therefore, the electronic patrol system has appeared on the market to facilitate the standardization, scientific and data management of the security post staff. Guard Tour System are keep developing from earlier Wired online guard tour system , Offline guard tou...

  • Why need guard tour system logs in security protection ?
    • 2018-08-03 17:06:41
    • admin

    Guard tour system logs ,its a recording for patrolling activity. It’s a type of working logs , like daily staff need to write daily summary, week summary and month summary . These are description for their working status . So is this description necessary ? Three main function of patrolling logs , one is description for their working , like the working environment around check point, hidden proble...

  • How does a security patrol monitoring system work ?
    • 2018-07-20 19:15:50
    • admin

    A Security patrol monitoring system can track your daily round guards/ maintenance staff throughout their shift by logging their movements and generating customized reports for you . How does a security patrol monitoring system work ? 1.Round tags label (checkpoints) are strategically placed in locations around the property to create a route for the guard to patrol. 2.A Checkpoint reader is given ...

  • I'm not familiar with guard tour solutions what should I prepared ?
    • 2018-07-23 10:55:54
    • admin

    Q : I’m not familiar with Guard Tour Solutions , but some of my client asking this system from us . Is this difficult in processing and what should I prepared to quote them a complete system ? A: A complete rfid patrol system is consist of Guard Tour Wands, rfid patrol tag, guard tour software . Actually, guard tour system is very easy in installation, not like CCTV camera and other security syste...

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