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2017-12-08 12:05:45

In the daily production or social activities, because of the human factor, substance changes and the environment influence will produce a variety of problems, defects, fault, risks and other unsafe factors, if not found, do not inspection and eliminate, it will disturb and impact the enterprise production or the normal social activities. These unsafe factors as long as the checks found then can eliminate defects, solve the problem and will not cause a tragedy. But some are easily occur to hidden dangers of accidents, if no regulation or not to take effective safety measures, will prone to accidents. Safety is the basis of production, but some enterprises and factories, especially the labor-intensive enterprises, it is easy to breed major security risks.

1 Machines long time operation

2 Employee fatigue operation

3 Inadequate facilities for fire protection

4 Lack of fire protection system


The guard tour system appears, can fundamentally eliminate the phenomenon of patrol officers lazy. The relevant departments can also deal with the patrol issues by the data of the patrol person returned, the situation of safe production greatly improved, the people's lives and property will be better protected.


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