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Fingerprint capacity updating of "Z-8000 Fingerprint Touchscreen Multi-Functional Guard Tour System "

2017-06-16 09:06:57

Fingerprint capacity updating of "Z-8000 Fingerprint Touchscreen Multi-Functional Guard Tour System "

As the top features and most representative technology in ZOOY PATROL, we devote ourself to fingerprint guard tour system since 2009 . Now there are 5 models guard patrol device  in our company with fingerprint verification .

F1 Fingerprint Verification Guard Tour System: Fingerprint + Keypad item exception recording
As the first fingerprint model in our company , it is widely used in police office ,

FG-1 GPRS/WiFi Online Fingerprint Guard Tour System : Fingerprint+ Keypad item exception recording+ Fingerprint
An updated version based on F1 , FG-1 with GPRS/WIFI additionally , can transfer patrol data in real time remotely to control room . Which help user improved the working efficiency much.
This model are widely used in school, Railway/Bus transportation, power station, Police office , petroleum and petrochemical ,Grain storage, communication company, bank and etc.

Z-6500F Fingerprint LED Lighting Guard Tour System : Fingerprint+ Event recording
Easy carry size , cost-effective price and stable performance .

Z-6500F now became the most popular model for distributor , it can be used for any area they want to whether guard is on a reliable working.

Z-5000C Wired Real Time Fingerprint Guard Tour System : Ethernet real time data transmission + fingerprint
As a customized model for prison/Army/ secret base, Z-5000C help these government offices solve the problem of patrol data’s transmission remotely . Considered external network are not allowed to government offices, but safety patrolling and inspection are much important for them , a real time guard patrol system is badly needed which can work with Local area network (LAN),but GPRS guard tour system can not work since it should work with public network . So ZOOY published Z-5000C Wired Real Time Fingerprint Guard Tour System, it can transfer patrol data with TCP/IP protocol , make data arrived to supervisor in real time ,so that to take action immediately if in emergency . Fingerprint help them verified whether its real officers did job but not “ buddy help”. 

Z-8000 Fingerprint Touch screen Multi-Functional Guard Tour System:  Fingerprint + Touch screen item writing+ GPRS+GPS+ Phone Calling
As current most advanced model, it combines all functions in one. Use semiconductor fingerprint , GPRS real time data transmission , GPS tracking , 10 default phone calling ,the fingerprint capacity now had improved to 225pcs instead of previous fixed 20pcs . Device can prestore 225pcs fingerprint for use ,and they can batch selecting from device to set as regular user . No worry for lots of users to use same device.

If you want to look for fingerprint solution for guard tour system, believe ZOOY will be the best option for you  whatever because of the stability or advanced technology . 

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