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Green Software for Guard Tour System is published –FREE Program installation

2016-12-13 16:22:04

In consideration of the clients feedback for guard tour system , the most problem they faced is software setup. Software is one of the main part of guard tour system ,it is use for data processing and patrol set up. In current market , the general software installation step like this : Program installation – USB driver installation – Select communication port (COM *) ,but many client don’t know how to finish these step. ZOOY’s new software make you be clear and say goodbye to these steps .

Our hardware are now improved to Free USB driver type , no need to install USB driver manually , computer can detect USB driver manually while patrol device is connecting with computer (like cellphone connecting with computer) . Which make connecting be more simple , also improved the communication speed 10 times faster than before .

ZOOYPATROL green software for guard tour system

Once you get software package from us , you can go to software homepage directly , no need to install software program and USB driver , no need to select communication port.

guard tour administrator login

In previous software , even the user go to software successfully , but for new user, they don’t know which icon they should to click . In ZOOY’s software , while the first time go to software , there will be guide you into operation page with general steps .

Guard tour setup detailed workflow

Applicable model
Z-3000 Rugged Guard Tour System

Z-6200 RFID Guard Tour System

Z-6200C Auto-induction Guard Tour System

Z-6200D Display Shockproof Guard Tour System

Z-6200E Strong LED Lighting Guard Tour System

Z-6500D Color Screen LED Lighting Guard Tour System

Z-6500F Fingerprint LED Lighting Guard Tour System

Z-6600LED Lighting Guard Tour System

Z-6800 Camera LED Lighting Guard Tour System

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