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2017-12-08 12:06:05

With the national economy rapid development, China has become the world's energy production and consumption country, and coal production in which occupy a very important position. However, for a variety of reasons, the safety of coal production has been a major concern throughout the country. According to statistics from 2000 to 2009, China's coal enterprises a total of 30,541 accidents, the death toll as many as 52,202 people. Which does not include the evade responsibility, falsehood, concealed the. Each million tons coal of mortality from 5.07 persons in 2000 down to 0.892 persons in 2009. However, compared with the industrialized countries there is still a great gap. The most reasons for the majority are man-made factors. China's coal production occurred in major accidents, man-made factors as high as 97.67%. To this end, coal production safety and safety hazards prevention has become the coal industry is very prominent and must be addressed a major issue.


Coal enterprises to implement industrial upgrading, the informatization, digital guard tour products used in coal production activities, ZOOY F1 Item management guard tour system with coal safety and explosion-proof certification, can be safely used in coal mines or other coal production sites, accurately collect the work information of the staff and facilities status to ensure the personal safety of staff and production safety.


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