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Successful application of F1 to Matsuzawa

2016-10-17 08:47:15

Our patrol system F1 with fingerprint identification has successfully used in the Matsuzawa fingerprint of cosmetics.

F1 is with 2  main objects for enterprise and industry use .

Fingerprint authorization : As we know , common guard tour system prevent guard personnel information is with Staff ID card , who carry Staff ID card and scan it while patrolling, patrol result will show the original  owner's name or this staff ID card  in software .

But there are accident and not real result shown , if Guard A don't want to perform his task one day or ask for leave for something and then hand his task and staff ID card to Guard B. So the patrol result is not absolutely real, you can just prevent this check location was be checked , but you are not sure if Guard A did really .

However ,with fingerprint authorization , you can bind user's fingerprint to reader and set fingerprint authorization  for each check spot . So every time when guard scan check spot , reader will ask he input his fingerprint . Once Guard B input his fingerprint instead of Guard A's, patrol result will show you ,and you can know whether true or fake .

Event function : By common guard reader ,it can only record check location name ,check time ,check person and make manager know whether guard patrolled ,where ,when and who did  .

For some factory or enterprise use ,there are many event asked patrolled to maintain a safe and ordered working environment. So expect simply  record check location name , it also ask record abnormal situation and potential risk exist . Our F1 will help you for this .

You can customize 15pcs event name for each check spot according your actual demand. Each time when guard scan location tags , he can record corresponding event for this tag by reader .

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