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ZOOY New Mini size GPRS GSM Guard Patrol System Published

2017-12-07 15:38:24

2017 is a new year with kinds of technical development . As one of the department with heavy working everyday, ZOOY’s technical research and development act an important role for market demand supporting .

In 2017, our main work is focus on old products updating and industry customization, with the good feedback from the market for our basic model Z-6200C/Z-6200D/Z-6200E , less and less fault rate for maintenance because of hardware (non-driver ,plug-play) and software improvement (non-installation patrol V6.0). We had now updated all our main series to same type .

For industry customization, main case are our new model Z-5000C Wired Real Time Fingerprint Guard Tour System and Z-8000X (updated model) , with the successfully application in one of Shenzhen prison ,Z-5000C now had wildly applied in nationwide prison system, this model are specified customized for prison system, where only allow local area network.

Z-8000X,customized for industry’s equipment daily inspection recording, work with customized report , aim to facilitate industry / enterprise’s scientific data analyzing and management , such as factory’s production equipment maintenance in order to ensure a good production environment.

Another important new release is our new gprs guard tour model Z-6700. With years feedback from market , based on technical experience and structure designing considering , Z-6700 is the most simple and easy carry GPRS guard tour system and got positive feedback from CPSE and regular client .
* Workable with ZOOY’s Web based Guard Patrol Management Software (Cloud based)

* Simplified operation with low cost

* Hot loved by security guard company

* Pocket size ,easy carry for both male or female worker

* Rugged engineering plastic ,rugged to resist dropping and waterproof .

Contact ZOOY to get more details of new model Z-7000 and distribution price .

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