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ZOOY patrol's romantic and relaxing annual travel- Sanya

2017-10-21 05:45:28

With the security market expanding and increasingly competitive circumstances, ZOOY keep standing at the top among Guard Tour System field by insisting on quality product and service, adhere to product innovation for the enterprise vitality . From last year till now , our GPS model Z-6900 GPS Guard Tour System got good reputation among the regular and new users . These brought us great encouragement and enthusiasm.

In order to thank all the staff for their efforts and dedication, and further encourage the working team, ZOOY bring all staff a 4 day and 3 nights wonderful travel to Sanya for relaxing .

Sanya is superior in geography climate and natural resources. It is known as " the oriental Hawaii" and " Sunshine City" because of its special tropical scenes as well as its attractive nature.

We have been to “Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) establishment site” ,”Yalong Bay beach”, “Yalong Bay Rose Valley”, “Demarcation islet”, “Tianya Haijiao”, “Yetian ancient village” and etc.

Mountain rolling ups and downs, the sea water clarity, the beach wide and gentle, sand white and delicate, coconut trees whirling, in the sea breeze to enjoy the charm of nature.

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) establishment site

The Chic building witnessed the famous Boao Forum for Asia to set up and the first annual meeting of the historic moment.

Yalong Bay

Located in Sanya southeast of 28 kilometers, is a half moon-shaped bay at the southernmost of Hainan, where the beach stretches 7 km and gentle wide, white soft sand, clear water as crystal, they are known as "the first bay in the world."

Tianya Haijiao

Located in the Tianya District Ma Ling Shan foot , sea behind and mountain back around.  Where there are clear water, blue sky in the same color, Coconut trees whirling, rocks everywhere. Engraved with "Tianya", "Haijiao", "Nantian Yizhu", "Haipan Nantian".

Yetian ancient village

Here four seasons are such as summer, a pleasant climate, coconut trees, charming natural and cultural landscape and rich folk customs blend, spectacular. Scenic spots with a unique perspective of the full range of Hainan Miao home of the original ecological life scene, to meet the tourists at home and abroad to understand the hometown of Hainan strange culture

This Hainan Trip reduced staff’s working pressure and nervous mood, increased the cohesion of the company's employees, but also . It also fully demonstrates the good mental outlook of ZOOY. After tracking backing , we will devote more energy and enthusiasm to the following work and coming 2017 CPSE. Thanks to all staff’s hardworking and thanks for company’s welfare to every ZOOY family member every year !

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