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ZOOY Releases Z-6500F Fingerprint Guard Patrol Reader and Z-6800 Camera Guard Clocking System to monitor

2016-10-14 14:16:29

Shenzhen ZOOY, a leader manufacturer of guard tour system , supply various guard tour system , guard patrol system,rfid guard patrol reader and watchman clock system . To meet more demand fromour customer , had now released 2 kind of new model Z-6500F Fingerprint GuardPatrol Reader and Z-6800 Camera Guard Clocking System.

Both this two models based on free driverinstallation, which solve much trouble of user to find the USB driver andinstall it manually .  And these 2 modelsadopt pogo pin connecter USB cable , it is more durable than traditional USBcable, can prevent liquid corrosion and vandalism efficiently .

Z-6500F is a guard patrol reader combinefingerprint and LED lighting. Security officers authorize their fingerprint toensure the real personnel attendance when scan rfid check point .

Z-6800 is the guard tour reader based on Photography and LED lighting technology , due to more strict requirement fromuser in some area ,they now not only ask for simple time, date and locationdata, but also some site picture should be also along with special check spotif incident happen. The LED light can be used as a torch at night or dark place, and if take photo at dark place, the light can be also turned on as aflashlight.

More details you are interested , please email us : . Thanks.

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