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  • Some question buyers may concern when they buy electronic guard tour reader
    • 2019-10-12 18:01:17
    • admin

    Some questions and answer listed here for buyers who need when before they decide to buy our electronic guard tour reader Electronic guard tour reader are main used to manage security guards activities, usually artificial damage are considered by them . 1. Is your electronic guard tour reader waterproof and shockproof ? --Yes, our guard tour reader are IP 65 , and rubber coating covered for the in...

  • Mobile patrol APP make supervisor be notified with smart phone !
    • 2019-09-29 09:28:24
    • admin

    Supervisor want be informed at their cellphone (once security guard missed any check point) , what’s device we can buy ? A patrol probe with that with GPRS function (can transfer patrol data automatically to server with SIM card ), and ZOOY’s cloud patrol management software . From now on , when you buy the GPRS guard patrol probe and pay for ZOOY’s cloud patrol management software, you will get a...

  • Your guard clocking system really facilitate your management efficiently ?
    • 2019-09-23 11:24:30
    • admin

    Maybe you used guard patrol system for a long time , and check report everyday ,every week once device brought back to control room . This help much to reduce your manually paper collecting and reduced calculation errors much . But , have you wondering if patrol logs can be transmitted to server in real time and remotely instead of bring device back and connect USB cable. Also, if check point is m...

  • How much can the life safety be achieved after the guard patrol system is constructed?
    • 2019-09-18 15:07:21
    • admin

    We can usually found security rounds guard carrying a probe like torch , head of its called as electronic guard tour reader . How much can the life safety be achieved after the guard patrol system is constructed? The guard patrol system essentially monitors the patrols of patrol personnel and is divided into online and offline types 1. Online guard patrol system can track security guards logs in r...

  • I have many check point tags, how to install it ?
    • 2019-08-26 10:33:22
    • admin

    Some client may not sure how to install check point tags while he have 100+ pcs check points , or they worry cause disorder while installation , here are some tips from ZOOY (a manufacturer specialized in guard tour system since year 2006, and with rich experience for guard tour system products and market solution) . Method to install check point tags more easy : 1.Get the check point name list fr...

  • I'm new for guard tour system , how to install it?
    • 2019-08-16 16:40:14
    • admin

    Guard patrol system , they may not be familiar for some integrator, so most user think the installation maybe very difficult and unknown. Actually, guard patrol is very simple system among security field , only if you with basic skills of computer and common sense by hand , a complete system can be settled soon . Generally guard patrol system consist of : 1. Handheld guard patrol reader 2. Check p...

  • What is Guard patrol APP ?
    • 2019-08-02 17:11:00
    • admin

    With the technology development and user’s requirement for security monitoring , more and more system tend to mobile application . Guard Tour System is no exception also . Most users know guard patrol app, but they may not sure there are 2 types APP usually . There are 2 types APP for guard tour system , one for data report query , another type is for patrolling use , what is the difference ? 1. A...

  • Detailed description of the main components of the security system
    • 2019-07-26 17:56:53
    • admin

    1. Intruder alarm system ( IAS) use sensor technology and electronic information technology to detect and indicate illegal entry or attempt to illegally enter the fortified area, to process alarm information, to send an alarm to an electronic system or network. 2. Video surveillance & control system(VSCS) . An electronic system or network that uses video technology to detect, monitor, and disp...

  • Benefits to use cloud guard patrol software
    • 2019-07-12 17:43:29
    • admin

    1.For seller and user Very convenient to process remote assistance. If user face problem for software settings or can not get correct report , seller can login their account directly to check the reason and solve problem ,not like PC based software , need to share database ,also have to appoint time with user with team viewer or Any desk. 2.For user a.For a medium or large sized enterprise , cloud...

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