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3 Reasons Face Recognition Guard Tour System Matters
  • 2020-07-27 08:52:03
  • admin
Now most of the community has been installed surveillance monitoring system. Most people think it is a repeat investment to buy a professional guard tour system after video surveillance installed. That's not the case. Surveillance and professional guard tour system is actually complementary. Take the Face Recognition guard tour system of Shenzhen ZOOY Technology Development Co., Ltd. for reference, it can mainly solve the following problems:

1. Video surveillance can only provide evidence after the event appeared, but Face Recognition guard tour system asks security guards must go to the specified place for patrol at the specified time, which can timely find the hidden dangers and help security guards can nip impending events in the bud.

2. As a manager, you can only check the video every day if want to know the working condition of the security guard through video monitoring, which is inefficiency! Face Recognition guard tour system is processing data through software, you can check out all patrol situation rapidly. Due to with face recognition technology, can eliminate any possible cheating, so that the entire management more easily!

3. Managers cannot control the situations like sleeping guard, on-time patrol at night. Face guard tour system can be easily solved, the system requires the guard to complete the patrol according to the schedule, otherwise he will be punished for Missed scan.

Thus, professional Face Recognition guard tour system can effectively solve the "lazy" security personnel.

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