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4 main sub security system take role in stadium
  • 2021-04-28 18:29:27
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The stadium security system mainly includes video surveillance system(CCTV camera), intrusion Alarm System, guard tour patrol reader system ,access control system and etc. Each subsystem can operate independently, but also can be unified and coordinated to form a multi-functional, omni-directional, three-dimensional security defense The automation system, with the management of security personnel, can realize the unity and coordination of artificial and technical defense.

Video surveillance system(CCTV camera)

The main entrance and exit passages, pedestrian stairs, main technical areas, important non-technical areas, elevator lobby, car box and center perimeter are monitored by TV images. The monitoring images are transmitted to the control center for real-time image monitoring and recording. Authorized users can browse the monitoring images on the network, and recalling history  monitoring image data.

Intrusion Alarm System

Mainly install anti-theft and security alarm devices at the perimeter of the venue, entrances and exits, and important departments to achieve 24-hour monitoring, comprehensive defense, no blind spots and dead ends, and linkage with the video surveillance system.

Access control system

Manage and solve the problem of authorized verification of personnel and defense areas in various areas and corresponding passages in the venue, conduct risk analysis for different functional areas (VIP area, reporter area, competition management area, business venues), and combine the architectural structure of each area The characteristics of different groups of people are isolated in their respective activity areas.

Guard tour patrol reader system

Guard tour patrol reader system is a type of monitoring for rounds attendance and check in. Layout checkpoint in buildings and center border, rounds security guard carry a handheld RFID patrol terminal to swipe checkpoint as check in , by this to monitor artificial protection are well attended and protect stadium safety.

Guard Tour Solution

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