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A major break in using of Guard Patrol System
  • 2017-12-28 11:47:54
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When talking about guard patrol systems , may somebody is not familiar for this, but if we talk about “patrol” certainly we all know. In fact , guard patrol systems is the evolution version of patrol. Video surveillance is an important way of security engineering, with recent years development , CCTV camera is widely used in kinds of area , especially in the context of building a smart city, video surveillance is already on the street.

However, the cost of video surveillance is relatively high, although ubiquitous, but many interior or interior of the building, video surveillance is still not universal, so how to cooperate with video surveillance became the facing problem by using guard tour system.

Patrol system and video surveillance supplemented

Video Surveillance actually replaced a lot of work of guard patrolling in many scene, in the past it need a lot of people on-site inspections, but now only one or two people in front of the screen you can view the situation of the spot. And this situation is real-time, you can immediately find the problem and deal with the problem.

However, video surveillance can observe a limited number of events that can reflect the status of different scene points in real time, but can not clearly see the scene of some of the equipment, facilities, the specific state, while there are many blind angle, etc., these are not a CCTV camera will be able to solve. At the same time, patrol touring is also a manifestation of security services, it will give all the owners to provide a better sense of security, this sense of security can not be brought by video surveillance.

Video surveillance can help patrol officers’s better knowing for every field situation, and then assign patrolling with schedule and targeted ,the combination of these two method is the best solution, trying to use a way to achieve patrol More inspection mission is impossible. Combination of both is the best solution ,it is not possible to try to solve patrol /inspection problem .

  There is another important part in patrolling inspection, it is to ensure the normal running of equipment , this work is also can not be replaced by video surveillance , and this is also the main working in property management. So video surveillance should be a part of modern patrolling system.

Video surveillance can monitor the main scene during daily patrolling, but in various corners or inside smaller spaces, can active by placed RFID check point . This is a type of traditional patrolling, mode is the same ,but performance technology is keep changing with the smart phone’s widely application, patrolling can be finished with cellphone security guard patrol APP. You can refer to more details of this solution from ZOOY Z-7000 Android Platform Guard Tour Handheld Terminal.

This mode work with Web framework, patrol data stored in cloud , which make patrolling application be more wide, and data monitoring be more timely, supervisor can check patrol result in anytime when they connected with internet through guard tour software. You can refer to more details of Web based solution from ZOOY Web Patrol System For Online Guard Tour Management
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