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Can CCTV Camera Replace The Guard Clocking System
  • 2018-06-15 17:18:43
  • admin
CCTV played a main role in security project ,with recent years development , CCTV camera are widely used in kinds of field and enterprise , especially in the background of smart city, CCTV can be found from anywhere even every home.

But CCTV system cost is not cheap, although can be found anywhere, but in many community and inside of the building , some corner can not be monitored by CCTV. Then how to match with CCTV camera to perform security patrolling ,it’s the main work that guard clocking system should do.

CCTV monitoring can replace guard clocking system ? CCTV can provide live and real time monitoring video or image , still need site guard to go patrol ? Many user , property company and contractor all asking these . How does CCTV system effect guard clocking system development ?

Video surveillance has indeed replaced the patrol inspection work in many scenes. In the past, many people were required to conduct on-site inspections. Now it is only necessary for one or two people to view the situation at each site in front of the screen. And this situation is real-time, you can immediately find the problem and deal with the problem.

However, video surveillance can only observe limited matters. It can reflect the status of different sites in real time, but it can not clearly see the specific status of some equipment and facilities at the site, and there are many dead angles, etc. These are not a video head. Can be resolved. At the same time, the patrol inspection is also a manifestation of a security service. Patrols by patrolling inspectors will provide all owners with better security. This sense of security cannot be brought about by video surveillance.

Video surveillance can assist patrols to understand each site situation more effectively, and then conduct targeted and planned patrols. The combination of the two is the optimal solution, trying to achieve a tour in one way. More patrol tasks are impossible.

Another important part by guard clocking system is to ensure equipment’s regular running, this inspection isn’t be replaced by Video surveillance.

With system integration growing , CCTV system can be also integrated wit guard clocking system , access control system , alarming system . Working together to provide a better and rigorous safety protection.

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