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Do you know about GPS Guard Tour System ?
  • 2019-01-04 14:17:09
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GPS Guard Tour System adopt advanced GPS (Global positioning satellite technology), GSM/GPRS Wireless data transmission technology, GIS (geographic information system) and computer network communication and data processing technology, based on GSM/GPRS communication platform and developed a personnel tracking and monitoring system which can be applied in various industry.

Advantage by comparing with traditional guard tour system

Comparing GPS Guard Tour System and traditional guard tour system , GPS Guard Tour System combine Global positioning satellite, real time data transmission with GPRS , can motor inspector employee’s working processing, if they go ahead as required route . While emergency or exception happen, can report timely with image /video /SOS alarm , which can provide the correct judgment basis for handling accidents offer ,all these can not be realized by traditional guard tour system .

Features of GPS Guard Tour System
1.Security guard patrol reader use GPS technology, no need check point layout ,more exact employee attendance report
2.Powerful guard tour management software : Can load area map information , inspector’s moving path can be displayed on map in real time
3.Can send SOS alarm info to server for emergency issue handling
4.Applied for large-scare and other area where hard to install check point

Composition of GPS Guard Tour System

Consist by handheld guard patrol reader m GSM network , guard tour management software and client software .
ZOOY, a practical specialist in guard tour system, offer basic RFID guard tour system, GPRS guard tour system , GPS Guard Tour System , guard tour system with APP.
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