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Don't confuse GPS and GPRS while choosing guard patrol monitoring system
  • 2020-05-22 17:33:29
  • admin
There are may some of client confused GPS and GPRS when they choose guard patrol monitoring system .

What’s the difference and how to ensure you picked up the correct guard patrol monitoring system ?

1. GPRS (General packet radio service), in guard patrol monitoring system , this technology are now widely used to facilitate more efficient patrol monitoring, this feature main work to transfer patrol logs to software remotely and in real time with GPRS service (with cellphone SIM card which data traffic service activated ) . For example , if the software is installed in head office , but security guard work at remote district or border, software hope t track security guard’s patrol attendance once they scanned , now GPRS function can help to do this .

2. GPS (Global Positioning System ), this technology main work to track the position in real time , it can collect the Latitude and longitude information automatically , combine with the guard tour system management software, to display the Latitude and longitude into map to indicate the moving location and path . For example , if security guard working outdoor usually , software supervisor want to track the moving path of security guard to track if they move as scheduled route (work with GPS to avoid security guard dismount the RFID check point and scan them at office ), if device lost , can refer to the GPS location to find it back. While emergency happen or the security guard fall down , can refer to the last location he arrived , to take action soon for help .

GPS information are sent to software with GPRS feature , so when you pick up guard patrol monitoring system , just be sure if you only need GPRS for real time data transmission or need GPS tracking .

If any question not clear when you pick up the guard patrol system , or don’ t know how to recommend guard patrol system to your client , please contact ZOOY, we works in this filed since 2006, all staff are with at least 5 years experience, will must give you correct idea . Contact Email : info@zyactechcom

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