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Electronic patrol system performance/benefits
  • 2017-07-07 09:19:52
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More and more public security organization and security company choose electronic patrol system to monitor the efficiency of their guards on patrol.

For some user who are not familiar with this, why ask guard tour system ? What is the necessity to equip a guard tour system ?

History of Electronic patrol system

The technology of guard tour system dates from America . It is a system for logging the rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as security guards patrolling property(from Wikipedia) . In traditional , guard patrol performed with the book & pen manually writing, there are many fake attendance by “buddy help” or “after entry by making up” , while data counting , it also cost much time to work out the patrol result manually , if accident happen , it will be difficult to find the exact duty person .

With the developing of technology and automatic office demand , some factory build up to offer electronic guard tour system , from the earliest iButton contact guard patrol probe , Watchman clock , rfid guard tour system , fingerprint guard patrol terminal , GPRS guard tour system.

Benefit of Electronic patrol system

Sample solution : Electronic patrol system in police station

The police station equip guard tour system at their duty prefecture bank, shopping mall and other public places . Work with this system, can record the patrolman’s location and arriving time and feedback to the computer in center public station, which help monitoring center to know patrolman’s moving and take a quick response if in emergency.

As the top manufacturer in guard tour system field , ZOOY with own practiced R&D team, with experience to offering solution for kinds of area, such as school , bank, community , public station , railway , factory ,park, petroleum and petrochemical, security company , power station and so on. Our product function covered basic lever to advanced customized level ,whatever your demand , will get a fast and professional response from us .

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