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Focus on Guard Tour System 12 years , ZOOY’s smart creation
  • 2017-11-18 08:37:41
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Guard Tour System , as a new field in security , It has been more than ten years in the world. Now this scientific management are widely accepted by all application area. In the coming 10 years , it will bring more bigger and potential market , but current technology can not meet the future demand . It ask more advanced idea , more sophisticated technology and more durable quality, although the traditionally guard patrol reader with various shape and models , but there are all with low technology, single mode, just different supplier offer different appearance . It is far from meeting the management needs of the industry market. ZOOY is the developer who walks ahead of the filed and bring new innovation always.

With 12 years insist and innovation, ZOOY’s patrol tour products bring the duty from time to specified person , make security management be more and more accurate. Semiconductor fingerprint replaced the traditional optical Fingerprint, make security management be more accurate.

7 innovation for fingerprint guard patrol system :

Fingerprint verification : Semiconductor living fingerprint acquisition technology, 360 degree wet or dry finger collection, solve “buddy help” patrol efficiently.

Double work card read :125kHZ and 13.56Mhz card reading compatible

LED torch lighting : High light LED lighting , helpful for night guard patrolling to find where the check point installed .

Impact record : Guard Patrol device can record impact automatically , which can be a warning or evident for device damage from guard

Alarm remind : Can set 200 sets alarm with voice , reduce patrol missing by forgetting

LCD display : High-image LED screen display , operator can saw operation and device status directly

Plug-play USB : Now some our products are improved to Magnetic type USB 2.0 , reduce USB cable damaged and data transmission fault . Communication speed is 10 times faster also .
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