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Follow These Tips Can Help You Select The Correct Guard Tour System
  • 2018-09-06 17:02:26
  • admin
When you enter guard tour system from any search engine, you can find kinds of guard tour system models from various supplier . Its difficult for buyer to find a correct model .

Why I can not find the suitable guard tour system products ? I have no inability to judge which model is the most correct one for me .
Here list some tips for your reference :
1. How is your budget and is there any special demand for function ? If no special demand in function (like GPRS/Online/Real time, fingerprint , GPS tracking ) , recommend to check the basic GPRS model directly .
Tips for your option :
2. Should be waterproof , tamper proof, dustproof.
3. For security guard use , purchase a rugged device is more important to resist drooping (engineer plastic shell or rubber material)
4. Should be chargeable , or battery replacement will cost too much
5. Please must take notice for the USB port, because long time data downloading and battery charging with USB cable will make USB port be easily damaged . Should consider to use Pogo pin contacts or magnetic type contacts.
6. For the price , don’t cut the price to the button , if no profit for supplier, how to guarantee the quality warranty ? Most of them may be one-off business
7. Contact the professional sales from manufacturer , they are trained with company training , culture products skills and etc.

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