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Four point help you know Guard Patrol System better!
  • 2018-01-18 18:29:43
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When we buy a product, the first thing we do is to learn and understand it. Second is to ask about the price. Guard patrol system purchase is no exception. Here are four questions listed to help your better understanding for guard patrol products.

1. What is guard patrol system ?
Guard patrol system, also called guard tour system
, watchman clock system , checkpoint clocking system , through advanced mobile automatic identification technology- RFID, to record patrol working time, location and status which patrol officers working performance . It is an effective and scientific integrated management program of civil air defense and anti-technology in public security management.

Where need guard patrol system ?
In many company and working organization, such as community , hotel , factories, mines, coal mines, oil fields, telecommunications, railways, public security, post and telecommunications, electricity, municipal, public transportation, warehouses and etc. Patrol activities is very important for these place , they all ask security and daily patrol perform strictly at specified route and time .

What effect?
The implementation of the traditional patrol system relies mainly on the consciousness of patrolling officer. Managers/master can only do qualitative evaluation for the patrol result, its easy to make patrol activities performance only by formalism. Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen the work assessment, change the traditional manual form, poor supervision of management. Electronic guard patrol system can be a good solution to this problem to facilitate staff management more scientific and accurate.

How it works ?
The working principle is to place lots of RFID label (we call check point /address card) which act as different patrol site and with global unique ID umber , can not be changed , when security officer arrived to patrol site during patrolling ,close the handheld patrol reader to these check point by order and time as a scanning, which while generate a timestamp together with RFID label ID number . After patrol working finished , use USB cable to connect patrol reader to PC software to download data ,by this to check patrol result (personnel , address, time and exception) to record and to realize scientific management of personnel.

2. Why now the main produce is auto-induction Guard Tour System ?
Auto-induction guard tour system just need to close check point then can scan check point ,not effected by dust, rain, snow , easy to work. Traditional contact have to contact ibutton to scan tags, its hard to use especially at night , dark place is difficult to find the ibutton tags . And contact guard patrol reader is easy damaged after long time lasting , also be easy corrosive after long time outdoor working.

Non-contact auto-induction check point can be also buried into the wall , by this to protect and avoid damage . But contact ibutton must be placed at surface, easy be damaged . Also , because auto-induction non-contact check point is widely used , and many supplier can offer this , so the cost will be lower. But contact iButton check point is less used also few supplier offer this , price will be more expensive .

3. Why Rugged and tamper resistance is the most important performance for guard patrol system ?
Guard Patrol system is not the same as other security products , its work to manage personnel ,but taken in the hands of person they are controlled , with strong antagonism, then rugged and resist impact became very important . Some of them will beat device, then lie it is dropped accidently ;Soak is into water , then lie it is get wet because of raining , electric shock with spontoon, damage USB communication port purposely and etc . So a guard patrol reader must be tamper resistance, waterproof , electronic shock proof , no communication n port or durable USB communication port . This will effectively prevent damage.

4. Why Guard Patrol management software is important for Guard Patrol System ?
Though hardware is one of key point of guard tour system , but guard patrol management software also can not be ignored. Not only should calculate report , but should also considering may many person not with enough computer skills , so it should be very easy use .

Software artificial intelligence verification processing is the key of guard patrol system. Some manufacturers take main concern for hardware but ignore software, then guard patrol reader can be only a time recorder , still ask manually counting for the report . A good guard patrol management software the result is patrol machine is equivalent to the recorder, the verification function to be completed manually, which is contrary to the original intention of using patrol management system.

A good management software can play the role of auxiliary analysis, but also very easy to use, it can be said that the master key of the system success applications lies in the guard patrol management system software design.

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