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Guard Patrol System in shopping mall
  • 2021-05-14 17:25:38
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If you ever clean up for the shipping more , you might recall the following scene. You arrive to 3F toilet on 9:00am, 10mins before shopping mall open to customer everyday . You time stamp your visit, log the happenings at each point. You cleaned up the wash basin, mop the floor and take out the trash for each toilet stalls. Then you check if tissue available or fill a vacancy. Finally you dry your hand and tick all these you did in a paper which pasted on the wall (maybe sometime will destroy the paper since not dry enough hand…) . Someone will have to review, make sense, and archive all this paperwork. Guard tour management in the era of pen and paper tracking and logging was cumbersome and inefficient.


Guard tour software digitize the process of organizing, logging, and executing guard tours and patrols. With a database, that is typically made available on mobile devices, these software suites allow cleaner employee to check-in and record the stops and observations they attain during a patrol. No more ticking the list or write down on the paper but rather a straightforward process of scanning predefined checkpoints directly to the mobile device. With guard tour software, a patrol guard can track, record, and report incidents in real time…


Guard tour systems are valuable for many organizations. While cleaner employee obvious examples, other industries would also benefit from the digitization and synchronization that guard tour software provide. These include, but are not limited to educational institutions, security guard and company, public transportation services, manufacturing facilities, warehouse departments, and financial institutions.

ZOOY, specialist work for guard patrol system products since 2006, our products served for kinds of client who used for hospital nurse rounds , living area security guard patrol, petroleum security inspection , shopping mall clean & engineer dept. maintenance recording , metro station security and clean use and etc… We'd like to share our idea and recommendation as get inquiry from any of our clients who want to use guard patrol system .

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