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Guard Patrol Systems In Subway
  • 2018-12-29 16:59:11
  • admin
With the urban modern growing , subway grow quickly also to improve the urban traffic speed and reduce transportation pressure . Subway become a public area with thickly populated, so security became very important, CCTV camera , handheld metal scanner , smoke alarm system are necessary for subway security protection .

Do you know something for guard patrol systems application in Subway ?

1. Security Guards
They are main walking around subway station to check if suspicious person , maintain public order, stay in elevator to ensure passenger’s safety .

1. Install Check Point at key site ,and ask security guard to carry the handheld electronic guard tour reader , when he finish touring at each key point , use the guard tour reader to swipe the check point as check-in, the check-in timestamp will be stored in device automatically . And once finished, carry electronic guard tour reader and connect with computer to download data. By this to verify if security guard go patrol round as schedule rounding time but not hang out .

2. Cleaning
Install check point at each key point , like restroom , elevator rails, service center . Cleaner is asked to carry a electronic guard tour reader to scan the check point when they finished cleaning in each patrol site.

Daily maintenance in server room , technical attendance in server room.
Technical person need to check the server/equipment running status to ensure everyday’s normal running.

Track patrol
Track patrol worker is asked to check everyday’s track inspection everyday, like the signal lamp, Is the track rusty, any loss ,any lost things and etc…

ZOOY, a professional manufacturer of guard patrol system, we offer more than 20 models guard patrol system , applied for Security guard company to realize real time patrol data and outdoor working staff's tracking , Community living area guards daily patrol attendance, Factory's daily inspection and security patrol record, Hospital's nurse attendance record for every sickroom , Telecommunication line and base maintenance report collection for inspection record analysing and confirmation.
Working principle of guard scan system Guard Patrolling System Applied in school
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