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GUARD TOUR SYSTEM- scientific management for guard patrolling activities
  • 2018-08-10 19:29:04
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With society and economy development , all activated are protected by law and order, therefore, there are some person work for these to keep the peace.

Its not enough if only reply on security guards, for proper working performance, security equipment published. There are classified by several types ,such as trumpet, Walkie Talkie, Irritating spray and so on . Today's technology is no exception to provide better protection for the security industry. Electronic monitoring equipment, access control systems, alarm systems, electronic patrol systems, etc. Another important products – Guard Tour System.

GUARD TOUR SYSTEM- scientific management for guard patrolling

The application of the guard tour system has improved the standardization and scientific management level of various patrol inspections. It eliminates the phenomenon that patrol inspectors cannot scientifically and accurately assess and monitor, and effectively protects the orderly workflow of enterprises. It changes the original understanding of attendance and limits the attendance scope to specific time, place and personnel. Through the pre-setting of the system, it can meet the special attendance of various occasions, in order to record the time and status information of the security personnel arriving at the inspection point, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. The system is well received by users in high security areas such as property management, petrochemical companies, railways, warehouses, and fire protection.
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