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How to make security guard patrolling check list with tour guard patrol system?
  • 2021-03-24 17:08:43
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In company , shopping mall , server room , real estate, and other site where related with personnel or property safety, almost use advanced security and protection system , like access control system , CCTV camera system ,metal detector , alarm monitoring , tour guard patrol system ….

Guard Patrol System Specifications

Tour Guard Patrol System , also called guard tour system, guard patrol system, different from other security and protection system , most of them are Physical protection , but tour guard patrol system main worked by artificial protection , to strengthen artificial protection enthusiasm and finally ensure personnel and property are well protected by security guard officers. But how to make security guard patrolling check list with tour guard patrol system ?

For example as below , security guard officer patrol in a factory


Check point

Item task

Other exceptions

Working time

Day shift

Main gate



Once every hour and half an hour



1.Corridor clean  

2.Dormitory door open /close
3. Irrelevant people hanging out
4. Male staff enter to female dormitory



Perimeter wall

1.Suspicious person
2. Suspicious truck
3.Illegal parking 



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