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Intelligent guard patrol device help the contribution of smart city to improve society progress
  • 2020-11-13 17:44:13
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Since the birth, guard patrol device has undergone continuous innovation and creation. In terms of function, from the initial stand-alone guard patrol device (like watchman clock work with Key ), to the USB guard patrol device (can download data with USB cable and check report from PC), later device added with LED torch function, then later Web based guard patrol management software, can check data from internet and cellphone .

The latest guard patrol technology is, as while as security officer arrive to patrol site, guard patrol device will send data automatically to server for supervisor’s checking and take action timely . In terms of device details, from the initial simple waterproof to advanced waterproof ability, from the initial Mini USB port to later pogo pin USB contacts, magnetic type USB port. For data storage, from the initial thousands of memory to current unlimited data storage . With the development of technology, guard patrol device also be more and more intelligent .

Intelligent guard patrol device can monitor site security office and site exceptions management, create and dispatch temporary task. By this to make security patrolling be more flexible and operable .

Guard patrol device can be applied in many of our living area, and take important effect, like large shopping mall, hotel, living area, border defence, hospital, school and other area where are security officer worked to protect the safety .

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