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Layout of check point installation
  • 2017-12-01 11:46:31
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RFID check point (also called address card) is a necessary part of Patrol clocking system, it main work for installation in the patrol router , when security officer pass, they use the handheld patrol wand to scan RFID check point as check in , by this to manage these security officers attendance in computerized but not manually paper counting.

RFID Check Point Manufacturer

How to install RFID check point ?

1. Confirm the installation site (not lower to 1.5M) and record the installation site of every check point (all check point name , order should be same as what you set in software) .
2. Drill 2 holes with churn drill and embed rubber plug
3. Open the top cover , and fix the bottom cover with tapping screws

4. Cover the top cover

Patrol Clocking System

Solution for RFID check point layout

1) RFID check point layout is based on the distance of patrol route:

Several layout solution recommended :

1. Place one rfid chek point at every 100 meter
2. Place one rfid check point at every stand (for shopping mall)
3. Place one RFID check point at every public area (such as tool room , restroom, elevator) .

Important and complex site must be placed with RFID check point , RFID check point can be dense or sparse , can add or reduce in future if any changes .

2) Quota for Handheld patrol reader:

Several solution recommended

1. By shift : Usually there are 2 shift , day shift and night shift , can allocate each handheld patrol reader for every shift . Give one patrol reader to day shift , another patrol reader to night shift . Principle .
Same Router + Nx shift = N x patrol reader

Schedule sample :

2. By route only . Means no matter how many shift ,day shift and night shift , all person share the same device by turn .

Principle :

Nx route + Nx Staff ID card / Fingerprint (for Worker’s identity identification)= Nx patrol reader + Nx Staff ID card /Fingerprint

TIPS : One Patrol reader can be only be assigned to one patrol route at the same time .

3) Software operation . Enroll the check point ID into software and give them correct name (please note CAN NOT make the ID and name mixed , or data in report will be fault .)

4) Data downloading . Suggest to specify a downloading period to download data from patrol reader to software , such as once a week/ once a month .

If patrol data amount is mass , suggests to shorten the data downloading period .

Or can use GPRS guard tour system , data can be sent to software remotely and timely , no need to bring patrol reader back to computer, data can be sent automatically with GPRS.

Recommend ZOOY GPRS guard patrol models :

Z-6900 GPS Guard Tour System
Z-6700 Mini GPRS Guard Tour System
FG-1 GPRS/WiFi Online Fingerprint Guard Tour System
FG-2 GPRS Real Time Guard Tour System
Z-8000 Fingerprint Touchscreen Multi-Functional Guard Tour System

What’s the purpose use RFID check point for guard tour system ?

RFID check point is fixed at specified place to let security officer know where they should go and what is the moving path they should to make the hidden danger can be patrolled can be monitored and avoid security officer to cut through or even not go to the hidden danger place .
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