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Operation of Security Patrol Management System
  • 2019-04-27 11:20:51
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Security Patrol Management System is not strange for some people since the technology and security development . Now let’s discuss how to operation Security Patrol Management System .

Security Patrol Management System contain check point , handheld patrol scanner , staff ID card , patrol management software .

How to confirm the quantity of each item ?
A.Check point : Its fixed on patrol site with glue or structural adhesive, no wiring required .
At the initial judgment , user know which area should be checked especially some blind angle of CCTV camera , for example in a factory . Suggest to place check point at :

1. The border region
2. Important area , equipment and room
3. Main channel, entry and exit
4. Straight-line distance about 50-100 meters between each check point
5. Since check point installation and software registration is very easy and flexible , user can add later also based on actual patrolling environment or buy some more for standby

B. How many route should I created ?
Patrol route is the gathering of check point .
If some check point should be checked by guard ABC, and check everyday, some check point should be checked by guard DEF, and check each weekend . This means there should be 2 route at least .

C. Handheld patrol scanner
1. Each shift carry a piece of handheld patrol scanner
2. Each route assign 1 piece of handheld patrol scanner at least

Patrol management software . Each supplier shall offer Patrol management software , and different supplier’s software is not compatible . If just want to query report on PC , a standalone software is enough .

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