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Patrol Tour System Application in Luxury villas
  • 2018-05-04 18:31:44
  • admin
Looking at the development of the villa market in the past 20 years, it has been found that even if villa robberies happen repeatedly, even the villain thief specializes in the theft of villas as the industry, and it finally achieves the exclusive term of "village thief".

There are some hidden security problem existed, such as negligent access control system , strangers can access into villas by following the proprietor, existed guard exist in name only, when security guard go out for patrolling only on perform but not in action . Sometimes even forget “access card “ , this means its really unreasonable existed among access control system . It is not enough by only depend on technical prevention , so there is necessary to use Patrol Tour System in luxury villas.

In the luxury villas , security prevention usually performed and combined by “ personnel prevention, physical prevention, technical prevention .Except residential wall and security guard touring , there are also CCTV camera , Anti theft alarm system, Boundary security system, Access system ,Patrol tour system to monitor the main exists and outside of the community is easily invaded by outsiders. Besides, the update of security equipment is almost as fast as the update of the computer. It will be replaced almost once in three to five years. With the development of technology, the current intelligent technology and design will further innovate and optimize the security system to make it more humane.

The needs of high-end villa customers for privacy and security are diversified. These include the need for personal/property safety, demand for reputational security, and the need for safe living. Most people think that the comfort and safety of living is a very important factor. A few people think that the privacy of the living environment is very important. There are also individual viewpoints on the quality of life and feelings of leisure, high-quality neighbors and high-level properties. The service is very important. Therefore, the number of security guards is sufficient, and the frequency of patrols is not high. It is very important for the owners. Security guards often come and go, and those who are misguided have at least some deterrent effect. Therefore, luxury projects must provide a matching security system.
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