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Sales Of Security And Safety Products – Products Sales To Solution Service Provided
  • 2017-05-25 14:22:52
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In past 20-30 years , the most common cognition are all like CCTV camera ,DVR ,CCTV  Video Surveillance System. Most client also main be agent and distributor for this products .

With 20-30 years development , though CCTV camera still act as a important role , but the variety becomes more and more ,and each of them with closely connection.

Take CCTV camera as an example ,it is used as Analog camera in the past , now turn to digital camera, DCR camera to HDTC camera. But there is no serious demand for technical and solution .

Nowadays , smart city grow fast with the support from government ,it bring huge business opportunities and broad market space to the security industry .There is much difference between smart city and traditional security project , by this can help some security company to reform and upgrade the industry, can also eliminates a lot of companies that don't keep pace with the times.

From traditional eyes , security company is main in business of CCTV camera , but now smarter cities are more inclusive, it combine kinds of security products and perform them in same centralized platform. So now more and more security product are provided with a complete solution , which package is including a various items such as CCTV camera , Access control system , Alarm system, video intercom, burglary protection system, Electronic Guard Tour System and etc. They are now connected with each other ,and from most project experience , these are now offered with a solution package, the end owner or government usually purchase them from same company instead of several separate supplier . So for supplier , what they should be equipped with professional solution ability but not only sell product , they should know what’s demand from user, what should do to realize user’s demand .As the top manufacturer of guard tour system , ZOOY offering more than 20 models Guard Tour System Products for kinds of industry use , our function are including : basic RFID to record guard patrol time /site/staff name , GPRS(Transfer Patrol data in real time),Fingerprint (Verify Guard Patrol Personnel in real identity), GPS (Real time tracking for moving path of patrol ), Camera (Take site photo to record exception),Phone calling (Answer or dial phone number to control room in emergency), Cellphone APP (Mobile patrol via cellphone APP).

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