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Security clocking system solution
  • 2019-08-05 09:35:33
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In many industries how to supervise and manage various inspections has long been an important and difficult point in management. Supervisor hardly monitor and track whether patrol officer go round as scheduled route and time.

Security clocking system Management solution

In order to better strengthen security work, as well as the management of security guards on duty. ZOOY submit the security clocking system solution.

Overview of security clocking system
Work with this system , security duty officer go patrol to every check point as scheduled to find the hidden danger and solve problem timely. By this to strengthen safety inspection and assess patrolling work efficiently.

1. High reliability : electronic guard tour reader is with metal alloy appearance , sturdy and durable. Drop resistance, shock-proof , moisture proof, anti - static, good waterproof performance for any harsh environments. Use non-volatile memory to ensure data safety without lost worry , data can be saved for 30 years even power off.
2. High technology : Built-in microcomputer and real-time clock, can store 80,000 logs data. Low power consumption PCb design make battery lasting more longer time . This make device not be in running fault.
3. Easy operation : No switch and power button design , without learning can work. Use user friendly software , easy understanding.
4. Easy rfid patrol tag installation. ABS plastic shell, can last at any environment such as icy , snowy, snowy, dusty and any indoor or outdoor place . Passive tags, no wiring , can be mounted with screws or structural adhesive .

5. Whole system with high cost-effective, easy operation and low cost . This security clocking system is consist of RFID patrol tag, electronic guard tour reader, USB cable and guard tour system management software

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