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Security Guard Clocking System Solution For Waterworks
  • 2017-11-02 17:29:51
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1. Demand from client Application of Jiangsu Sangde Waterworks : Equipment inspection ,there are 22 check point in total ,patrol period is 2 hours per circle , employee should collect the inspection data based on actual working requirement .

2. ZOOY Guard Tour System is in virtue of technology of RFID, GIS, 3G , aim to assist waterworks inspection activities . This system can solve the problem from traditional inspection ,by this to improve the management efficiency and water quality.

This Security guard clocking system not only offer the monitoring for employee’s attendance , but can count and analyze the inspection details (equipment running status , performance and parameter in everyday) automatically. These can be a powerful reference for equipment maintenance and replacement .

For supervisor, they can manage pump station, valve, Fire Equipments remotely with intelligent guard patrol software. As the management demand from the waterworks, they hop
e to monitor inspection activities in real time , and all sub office data should be management by the head office with the same software , each sub office should also manage their own data with permission, we recommend our Web Based Guard Patrol System software to realize iCloud management remotely .

3. Working diagram

System is consist of handheld patrol reader and guard tour system software which work with 3G network. Duty security officer carry RFID handheld patrol reader and send location information to control room through 3G network. If security officer find pipeline fault , they can record details into handheld patrol reader unit , data will be transferred to management software by 3G network to inform supervisor take action timely and reduce lost .

This system will sort Waterworks patrol inspection data and automatic analyzing , offer different users visiting and query by permission . Report manager can realize the out officers moving path , analyze facility operation condition, defect analysis.
What is security and safe-protection What is security and safe-protection
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