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Security Guard Patrol System Solve The Urgency Of The Industry
  • 2018-04-04 16:28:52
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In the industry of electricity, Petrochemical Gas and others where equipped with many equipment, in widespread and complex installed , they are characterized by line production, every equipment is in close related , it usually cause whole line production stopped because of one fault, it may also cause fire, explode and personal safety accident , lead to heavy economy loss. To prevent device fault , the equipment inspection person usually do regular inspection of the equipment 24 hours a day to monitor the running status in case to find the device fault and danger .

Solve the urgency of the industry

How to effectively supervise the quality of inspections has always been a weak link in industry management, and the Security Guard Patrol System has effectively solved this problem.

Security patrol staff carry the handheld GPS Data Acquisition Units, it will send GPS information periodically to control center via GPRS, if find pipeline fault, can record this into GPS Data Acquisition Units, through GPRS network to send back to system management center , at where inspection required , working status and running parameter can be also recorded and send back to system immediately via GPRS.

Guard tour patrol software will automatically sort, analyzing and evaluate all data to generate kinds of summary report . By this to know patrol path and attendance result for every patrol officer , and to control equipment running status .

ZOOY is the most earliest enterprise who specialized in Guard Tour System development , production and sales. With powerful R&D team those in rich electronic products experience , innovative awareness and highly professional spirit.

With new functions are developed to security guard patrol system, applications increasingly widespread, ZOOY broke through the original concept, has been extended to patrolling, equipment checking/inspection and special equipment management monitoring .
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