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Security patrol application in Self-service bank network
  • 2017-08-10 18:30:28
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With the pace of urban life gradually become faster, full-featured, complete supply of professional ATM machine gradually replaced the traditional bank queuing and waste of resources into the city's life, it is to improve the efficiency and reduce the simple business of counter-occupied resources Necessary measures, but also an effective means of diversion of customers.

However, in recent years since the self-help bank (ATM) fraud tricks constantly refurbished, the frequent occurrence of the case, so that many customers suffered property losses, has affected the public self-confidence in the bank's self-service equipment, damage to the banking social reputation. Therefore, it’s  urgent need the establishment of a set of effective security patrol management mechanism to effectively prevent and combat such cases, and constantly optimize the card environment for customers to create more peace of mind, rest assured that the card environment .

How ZOOY Z-8000 Fingerprint Touch screen Multi-Functional Guard Tour System work for Bank ATM security patrolling ?

1. Relationship

For the regular holes and fault during daily ATM patrolling management , ZOOY developed an international advanced level model Z-8000 ATM Fingerprint Touch screen Multi-Functional Guard Tour System, this system facilitate further strengthens the ability of self-service banks to control risks, improved the safety protection level of ATM service environment . Build a more intelligent , standardized defense system, reduce the depositor’s economic lost which caused by banks management fault , it also help bank improving the service quality .

2. Application

2.1 Plan the patrol route , install check point

Plan the patrol route by bank site , every Self-service bank outlets shouldbe installed a piece of check point , this work as the patrol site by

security officer/staff .(All these site info will be registered in software to record the site )

2.2 Install and setup software

Equip server in control center , create database , install Guard Tour Management Software and setup ( Create route name , register card info ,plan schedule “ working time / working staff / patrol task list- can assign task list for every patrol site , such as “suspicious personnel appear” , “external paste foreign body around ATM” , “stealing device / Espionage existed ” , “CCTV camera /Lighting equipment status”, “Anti-theft alarm /Network alarm system in normal” and so on ).

While patrolling , duty officer should check these list by order and record the result into Z-8000 device .

Collect patrol data and upload data to center room

Duty officer /staff carry Z-8000 device to work around scheduled patrol site at assigned working time, once arrived to patrol site, close device to rfid check point within 3-5cm distance , scheduled task list will popup , guard just need to follow the task list to check actual status and select /type result into device , if necessary, can also take photo with Z-8000 to record the result / exception .Z-8000 can send patrol data automatically via GPRS to center room , and if there is emergency , duty officer can send SOS alarm or call default supervisor with Z-8000 device .

2.3 Check report

Supervisor can query patrol result remotely in any browser any time , patrol data including (patrol time & date ,staff name , site name , task list result and exception picture ), can also go to background live map to track the live moving and history playback . All patrol data are stored in database, and any person can not modify , back tracing .

2.4 Application value of Z-8000 function

Strong supervision of staff attendance

Based on GPS + live map , supervisor can monitor whether duty officer attend patrol site as required but not sleeping on the job or skip work to other place

2.5 More details and exact patrol result

Can assign task list for each check point , more details result facilitate bank monitoring be more comprehensively and minimize the risk.

2.6 The timeliness of the danger report

When emergency happen , if there is someone damage device , can send SOS alarm , or call district police directly to solve the problem timely.

2.7 The efficiency of data processing

Guard Tour Management Software can analyze patrol result intelligently and generate patrol report , data can be counted by address , staff , date (by day, by week , by month) .

2.8 Access Permission

Software can be global networked , head office – branch office- ATM machine , all data can be accessed by authorized permission .

2.9 Fingerprint verification , reduce “buddy help ”attendance effectively

Duty officer can register fingerprint on device, and register fingerprint info to software, and can specify duty personnel , which can help supervisor check accountability accurately to every person .

ZOOY, the top manufacturer who not only produce basic RFID guard patrol reader , but also develop customized advanced models for large security patrolling and assets management data collection Patrol Device (these devices usually are asked function Fingerprint , GPRS/GPS, Camera ,Voice Talking , Exception typing , Task Item typing and other customized function), if you are looking for senior custom Guard Patrol/ Security Assets Management solution for your company or client , please contact us now

Workflow chart of Z-8000 Guard Tour System

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