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Should we pick up GPRS or GPS Security Guard Checkpoint System?
  • 2021-07-22 11:55:23
  • admin
With the technology development, security guard checkpoint system are more and more intelligent with kinds of function, like two-way talk , fingerprint biometric, GPRS and GPS. Buyer can pick up the suited model based on what’s function they required or their budget .

What’s the difference between the GPRS and GPS ?

GPS (Global Positioning System), it is a high-precision radio navigation positioning system based on artificial earth satellites. It can provide accurate geographic location, vehicle speed and accurate time information anywhere in the world and in near-Earth space.

In security guard checkpoint system,  it works to collect the security guards real location together with  every step guards works . And by this send to software through GPRS and internet , the final goal is to enable supervisor can check out guard’s moving path and check if they deviate from regular scheduled route or not even go outside for daily rounds patrol .

GPS guard tour tracking

GPRS (General packet radio service). It is a mobile data service/technology that GSM mobile phone users can use. It uses the unused TDMA channel in the GSM network to provide medium-speed data transmission services

In security guard checkpoint system , it main works to enable patrol logs can be sent to server computer remotely without bring device back to office, but supervisor can check our report in real time . No matter what’s type of patrol logs (like simple timestamp with address info , the site photo/video, GPS info…), no matter what type of logs you want , once collected by guard patrol reader , will be sent out automatically to server software .

2G/4G guard patrol system

Till now , believe its more clearer for clients to know how to pick up GPRS or GPS type device , if any more question about security guard checkpoint system , welcome to contact with ZOOY now .

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