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The role of Four sub- security system applied in sports venue
  • 2018-09-21 17:39:30
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Sport venue are main including CCTV camera , intruder alarm system, Guard Patrol System and Access Control System, each subsystem can not only operate independently, but also coordinate and manage uniformly, forming a multi-function, all-directional, three-dimensional security automation system, cooperating with the management of security personnel, and achieving the unity and coordination of civil and technical defense.

CCTV camera system
Equipped at the main entry , pedestrian stairs, main technical area, Important non-technical areas , elevator lobby and other safety area in CCTV image monitoring, which is transmitted to the control center for real-time image monitoring and recording, and authorize users to browse the monitoring image through the network, as well as call history monitoring image data.

Intruder alarm system
Installed at venue perimeter, entry & Exit and other important dept. for theft protection and alarm setting, by these to realize the monitoring in 24 hours and interaction with video monitoring system.

Access control system
Manage and solve the problem of people and defense area protection in each area of the venue and corresponding passageways. Conduct risk analysis for different functional areas (VIP area, journalist area, competition management area, and business area), and isolate different groups in their activity areas according to the characteristics of building structures in each area.

Guard Patrol System
Equipped RFID check point at patrol area and ensure the security patrol staff perform work as required . ZOOY is the leader manufacturer specialized in guard patrol system since 2006, we offer RFID guard patrol system , Fingerprint guard tour system ,GPRS guard tour system ,products are successfully applied in security company ,school , hotel ,hospital, railway , apartment buildings and etc.
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