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Watchman patrol guard software files lost
  • 2019-04-12 17:55:22
  • admin
Question : My watchman patrol guard software files lost, how can I find it ?

Answer : If just lost the file, can contact with your vendor to get the new software package

If you lost the data file , can find the database backup . Usually there is a folder for data backup files storage, can recover all setup and logs history from the file .

Warm reminding :
Please don’t install your watchman patrol guard software at disk C in case of Windows operation system fault and cause all files lost , if by this .

ZOOY, the leader manufacturer of patrol guard system , now published pro patrol guard software version , based on all our previous software , optimized all software page and offered a better operation experience for user .

Advantage of ZOOY watchman patrol guard software :
1. No matter you buy which guard patrol system model from us , can use same software .
2. Simple navigation interface guide user to finish software setup quickly

3. Auto- data backup in case of file lost

4. Can hide or display the function menu as user defined .
5. Intelligent check point list export or import, check point list can be shared with other software , save much working for keyboard inputting for hundreds of check points.
6. Report display compatible with most user’s differentiated habit

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