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What are the different requirements for the working mode of security guard patrol and equipment inspection
  • 2021-03-15 14:16:34
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1) The inspection cycle and verification standards are different

The equipment inspection cycle is usually long, once a week, security guard patrol cycle is short , every 1~2 hours once . There are many standards for equipment inspection , more content and details for inspection, the frequency and density of security patrols are much higher than equipment inspection , their working not only for site data collection , but also including defect elimination, acceptance inspection, and maintenance plan proposal.

security guard patrol system

What are the different requirements for technology in the way of patrol and spot inspection?

2) Different requirement for technical

There is no any special requirement for security guard , they are only asked to performed work timely. Equipment inspectors must be specialized personnel with unique training and certain experience. They have very high technical requirements. Not everyone can become an inspector. They are also responsible for more matters. The inspection content is more rigorous to reduce loopholes. Output, simplifying work procedures and improving work quality are one of their goals.

3) Different focus of inspection

Security guard patrol focuses on the management generally . Equipment inspection provides corresponding information through inspections, special inspections for certain equipment, key inspections, and spot inspections to achieve accurate data, management, and monitoring.

Similarities between security guard patrol and equipment inspection

Both are performed based on schedule and tasks to record result , by this to protect safety of life and property.

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