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What changes does Guard Tour System brought to our life?
  • 2018-02-05 08:55:59
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When talking about patrolling, all may know is that security officer walking around and record their check-in with paper.

Come out of Electronic Guard Tour System
" Electronic Guard Tour System " technology originated in the United States, is a scientific and scientific management for patrol officer , it’s an effective integration by combining person protection and technology protection. Work for security guards especially night guard’s moving and attendance management , monitor them with schedule to reduce dangerous and lost.

The society is developing, the science and technology are improving, and the electronic patrol inspections have become an indispensable part of modern people's lives. They are widely used in public office, security guarding, postal services, airports, railways, oil fields, real estate properties, banks, museums, Gas gas monitoring industry. It can be used anywhere as long as it involves regular data collection and patrolling.

What changes does Guard Tour System brought to our life ?

Most guard patrol systems appear in the property and security guarding, and now with the improvement of people's consumption level and living environment, not only the owner sask better security services, Property security should also manage their patrol officer property security also need to patrol officers in the system of supervision, personnel transfer Use more scientific, more reasonable, more cost-saving resources in system monitoring , make personnel changes be more scientific and reasonable , save cost and manpower resources.

Take the community guards as sample , their security and protection including CCTV control room , gate sentry, patrol route and security guards . To make community be more safer , apart from clearer and comprehensive road video monitoring system, routine patrol routes and patrols security scheduling regulation is even more important. After application of Guard patrol system , the security level will be improved much , and low operating hours, material costs.

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