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What is Guard patrol APP ?
  • 2019-08-02 17:11:00
  • admin
With the technology development and user’s requirement for security monitoring , more and more system tend to mobile application . Guard Tour System is no exception also .

Most users know guard patrol app, but they may not sure there are 2 types APP usually . There are 2 types APP for guard tour system , one for data report query , another type is for patrolling use , what is the difference ?

1. APP for data report query (we called “Query APP” usually ) , installed in cellphone , and connected with the server’s address and operation account , no need to open computer, can be informed anytime once the patrol data transferred to server .
Recommend solution :
Buyer can buy a handheld patrol device (the one with GPRS function is the best, which can upload patrol data remotely with GPRS ) .

Then pay the cost for cloud software licence, this containing a “Query App” account and login link .
Supervisor just need to install the Query APP on cellphone , then he can check the patrol result any time at his cellphone .

2. APP for patrol use (usually we call “patrol app”), if by this , user no need to buy handheld patrol device but use their own cellphone and install a “patrol app” for patrolling . A cellphone with NFC function is required to scan the NFC tag .
Then buyer pay the licence cost to supplier , and then get an patrol app account for login and patrol work .

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