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What is Patrol System and where need this ?
  • 2018-08-17 17:30:07
  • admin
1. Where to use Patrol System ?
In most company and industry , like Community, hotel , factories, Coal Mine , Oil field , telecommunication, railway, public security, Post office, electric power, bus transportation, warehouse and so on . Patrolling and inspection are very important , all ask duty officer to go to patrol site and check as specified time and scanning order .

2. What effect can Patrol system bring to ?
Traditional patrolling and inspection are based on patrol officers consciousness, administrator access their performance qualitatively, which will make patrolling performed in form. Its urgently required to strengthen working assessment instead of manual form. Patrol System can solve this problem efficiently and make personnel management be more scientific and accurate.

3. How to use it?
The basic working principle is to install RFID tags (also called as check point/address card, each tag is with fixed global unique ID number), when arrive to patrol site , guard officer use handheld patrol device to scan check point (by this to record the patrol time and location name). After patrolling finished, bring patrol device back to control center to download data to security guard management software (software can analyze data automatically to verify which check point are missed / absence).

Operating principle of patrol system What are the main duties of guard man ?
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