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What’s necessity that security guards use guard tour patrol reader system?
  • 2021-03-05 11:54:53
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Security guards protect people and property from robberies, fires, and other damage. They work in banks, museums, nightclubs, government offices, stores, factories, and office buildings. They are employed by the companies they protect, by building management companies, and by private agencies that provide security services.

The duties of security guards vary according to the size of the building they guard, the number of guards who share the work, and the kind of security system used. In large operations guards generally work under security directors, while in smaller establishments they may work alone. Guards patrol buildings and grounds on foot, in cars, or on motor scooters. They may work with trained dogs that alert them to intruders.

Guards check windows, lights, doors, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler and alarm systems. Sometimes they answer telephones at night, run elevators, control who enters

buildings, and check packages of those entering and leaving to prevent theft.

So what is the necessary that use guard tour patrol reader system for security guard ?

1. Guard Tour Patrol Reader is the product of automated office. Main purpose is to improve management efficiency. Guard Tour Reader can help security guard to generate attendance logs with every time scanning. Same as time recorder, patrol logs can be exported in regular time (every week/every month) or advanced system (which is online ,can update logs timely once as logs generated ,means supervisor can get attendance synchronously every second) .

Guard Tour Patrol Reader System

2. By adopting guard tour patrol reader, from other hand can also enhancing work enthusiasm of security guards. With computerized report can find out deficiency in time and solve positively .

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