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Why need guard tour system logs in security protection ?
  • 2018-08-03 17:06:41
  • admin
Guard tour system logs ,its a recording for patrolling activity. It’s a type of working logs , like daily staff need to write daily summary, week summary and month summary . These are description for their working status . So is this description necessary ?

Three main function of patrolling logs , one is description for their working , like the working environment around check point, hidden problem may existed and feedback from others , what should be pay attention and what happened already .

Second function is the management for staff , leader need to know the working status of guard , like process time, result , problem faced and what problem should be solved . Only know more about guards working , then can know properly and adjust schedule reasonably. Even if accident happen , can query patrol record from guard tour system management software and find out the relevant responsible personnel.

The third function is smart data analysis. Leader can take One target check point for detailed data analysis and find out what should be noted or other related information . If this check point is an equipment ,can also take inspection result to assess the performance of equipment , which offer more helpful information for equipment maintainance and purchase . Can also be a good proof to examine employee’s operational capability.
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