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Why Non-contact checkpoint patrol systems are replacement of contact patrol system ?
  • 2019-03-08 16:24:33
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This question should be referred from the development of guard patrol management , from the early days guard patrol monitoring main performed with paper check-in . Fixed a metal box on patrol site which with locks door. When security guard arrived , write the arriving time , sign name in paper and put in back to the box . Supervisor can open the lock and take their patrol books/paper to check patrol result .

Since this method is not convenient for operation , and difficult for result collection , it’s replaced by watchman clock finally .

Watchman clock work as similar , the security guard carry watchman clock for patrolling , and when they arrive to patrol site, then use the key to inert to clock , a time stamp generated at the same time .

Since its heavy for carry and difficult for supervisor’s data collection , later contact ibutton checkpoint patrol systems came out , the principle is TM card (contact) button put on patrol site, integrated circuit inside of these ibutton, when security guards touch the ibutton with handheld guard tour wands , it will supply power to ibutton and read the ID number of TM ibutton , meanwhile , store the ID number and time to handheld guard tour wands, once finished patrolling , bring the handheld guard tour wands to management center and connect with a docking station to download data to computer for statistics. This contact ibutton check point patrol systems are with much advantage by comparing with previous security guard patrolling , small size and easy to be carried . TM card are also widely used in many other area like POS system , Access control system , time attendance system .

Later , with the development of non-contact card, also called RFID card, they are widely used in access control system , time attendance system , hotel door locks system and etc . And now only few checkpoint patrol systems still use TM contact card .

Now more and more manufacturer updated their checkpoint patrol system to RFID technology , few still use TM card since the technology barrier faced :
1. Power consumption
Non-contact card needs to be fed to the card by radio waves, so the transmitting power is much larger than that of the contact card, and the power consumption is very large.

2. Waterproof problem
Non-contact guard tour system has electromagnetic compatibility problems, so it is difficult to make it strong and waterproof

ZOOY, as a professional manufacturer specialized in technology, with more than 15 years experience of checkpoint patrol systems, all our products are RFID non-contact technology , our leader team are consist of specialist from electronics major , whatever from PCB design, material selection and product structure, all follow the principle of rugged and high performance . Now our check point patrol system are sold to global market around 80 countries, including Malaysia ,Singapore , Philippines , Indonesia ,Korea , Turkey, America, Mexico, Italy and etc.
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