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Why traditional guard clocking system can not fully performed ?
  • 2018-09-29 18:09:11
  • admin
Why spend much money and time to purchase guard clocking system , but still not fully performed or even no any effect for some user ?

Now , let’s check what’s are the disadvantage for traditional guard clocking system ?

1.Every time while data downloading , need to connect device at a specified PC to download data, once that PC get fault , which will cause patrol data lost.
2.Difficult to query patrol data for supervisor .Although security guard are easy to collect data but for supervisor , every time to download patrol data, they have to go to guard room , which
3.Difficult to download patrol data. Every time when guard finished patrolling, they have to bring guard clocking device back to assigned PC to download data, they need to spend much time by returning several times . And if supervisor want to query patrol data , also need to check from specified PC.

Considering these , ZOOY published real time guard tour together with Web based patrol management software, the handheld device work with GPRS SIM card or WIFI to transfer patrol data remotely instead of USB cable downloading .Even security officer work in remote place like railway , telecommunication base station maintainance where without computer to download data , data can be sent to server in real time and remotely for evaluation .

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