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2017-12-08 12:02:44

The main task of power plant operation and maintenance is the management to the power facilities and equipments. In the past, most of the incidents occurred due to abnormal operation or damaged equipment. And then is due to the tedious work caused the personnel ideological lax operation. In the event of accidents, it might cause economic losses, or the power grid, equipment and personal safety might be badly endangered. And even bring instability to society, affecting social stability. The power plant workers are the direct executor to ensure the security of power, stability and economic operation. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the power plant operation and management, improve the operation and management level of the power plant.


Power plant equipping the workers with ZOOY Guard Tour System, workers carrying guard tour system according to the patrol schedules and scheduled time arrival the checkpoint start to patrol. 3 to 5 cm effective sensing distance, read the checkpoint, and record the use data of power plant equipment, such as the transformer switch good or bad operation? Sound is normal? The actual equipment operating temperature, found the equipment hidden dangers or failures can be taken by camera, text description, create maintenance orders and etc. equipment data collection timely feedback to the monitoring center. All the data will be sent to the monitoring center management system through GPRS, WIFI or offline upload. Center will automatically process, analyze, count and report the patrol data to facilitate the manager check the workers attendance, operation and parameters of the equipment, guard tour tasks and so on, improve the work efficiency, and provide to users with a scientific and accurate guard tour information and query basis.


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