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FG-1 GPRS/WiFi Online Fingerprint Guard Tour System
FG-1 Security Guards Monitoring System is the most advanced model in our company even in the whole industry .
Not the same with the traditional reader, it's a multifunctional patrol device, these satisfy the requirements of most people and industry.

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GPRS Fingerprint Guard Tour Patrol System


Fingerprint verification, false attendance forbidden
GPRS real time data transmission, timely data tracking
User-programmable item, help you do the good job
Engineering plastic shell, double-shot molding, fully-rugged

Technical parameters
Reading Method EM, TI tags Fingerprint reader Optic
TFT 2.4 ' High-definition color display

Fingerprint capacity


Storage capacity

Item for each

Logical option per item

Item character capacity
14 letters
Max Units


IP rating
IP 65
USB/GPRS transmission
Working Temperature
-40℃ to 70℃
Working humidity
30% to 95%
1350mAh lithium battery
Battery level
5 levels display
170mm x 75mm x 40mm
Net weight

1) Online data transmission
Can be customized for 3G, 4G or WiFi transmisson

Wifi Online Fingerprint guard tour solution

GPRS Fingerprint Guard Tour System Rfid

2) Optic Fingerprint Reader
False attendance forbidden

3) Item Record
User-programmable item, help you do the good job

GPRS Fingerprint Guard Tour Monitoring System

GPRS Fingerprint Guard Tour App

4) Keyboard
Let guard tour activity more specific

5) Durable USB Port
Anti-sabotage gilding pogo pin contacts

GPRS Fingerprint Guard Patrol Reader

GPRS Fingerprint Security Guard Rfid Patrol

ZooyPatrol -FG-1 GPRS & Fingerprint Guard Tour System Catalog

Size: 0.7 MB

GPRS Fingerprint rfid guard tour system

GPRS Fingerprint Security Patrol Rfid Manufacturer

V6.1 Guard Tour Management software for FG-1 GPRS & Fingerprint Guard Tour System

Size:480 MB
V 6.1.66

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