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FG-1 GPRS/WiFi Online Fingerprint Security Guard Tour Patrol System

Short Description:

FG-1 security guard tour patrol system is a classic online fingerprint guard tour system choosed by security company. Not the same with the traditional reader, it’s a multifunctional patrol device, these satisfy the requirements of most people and industry.


provide guard and patrol services


▶ Fingerprint verification, false attendance forbidden
▶ GPRS real time data transmission, timely data tracking
▶ User-programmable item, help you do the good job
▶ Engineering plastic shell, double-shot molding, fully-rugged

Patrol Report Sample

Real Time Transmission

patrol guard security

Fingerprint Biometrics

patrol guard system

Item Recording

patrol clocking systems

Physical Keyboard

Patrol Security Guard

Anti-sabotage Port

Technical data


Network bands 3G frequency WCDMA:WCDMA 2100/WCDMA 1900/WCDMA
2G frequency GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900
WiFi Version  Customized
Sim card Standard card
Data usage 180 logs/min
Feature Reading technology  125kHz ID tag
Reading range  3cm-5cm
Record  10,000 logs
Impact record 32,000 pcs
SOS  Long press * key for 3s
Fingerprint Material Optical fingerprint sensor
Fingerprint capacity 300 pcs
Battery Battery capacity 1350mAh
Battery life  Charging 500 times
Charging time  4 hours
Working time  10 hours
Stand-by time  68hours
Battery level  5 levels
Screen Size 2.4 inch TFT display
Resolution 240*320
Item Per checkpoint 30 pcs
Option 8 pcs
Length 31 letters
Checkpoint Storage maximum 1,000 checkpoints
Name length 19 letters
Staff  Capacity 150 pcs
Name length 15 letters
Time Booting time 0.6s
Auto sleep time 30s, 1m, 2m, 5m, 30m, 60m and never
USB Communication port Pogo Pin USB port
Transmission speed 5000log/s
System Language Chinese, traditional Chinese, English
Font Big, small
Dimension Size 170mm x 73mm x 45mm
Weight 285g

Working Map

patrolling system


patrolling monitoring system


Guard patrol management software take a very important role in guard tour system. Allow to layout checkpoint settings, schedule setup, shift arrangement and download data from guard patrol reader , finally generate wide variety report as user’s query demand .

Web based Software

Easy to access patrol data via the broswer or APP

No program installation

Video Introduction

This video shows how the guard tour system works and what’s data contained in software.

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