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i'm new for your guard tour system , how to finish basic guard tour system software setup ?

2019-07-27 09:14:33

How to run the guard tour management software ?

1. Card setup (including check point and staff ID card).
Suggest you put all your address card and staff ID one by one in order , then use patrol device to scan all of them in order . Card ID number will be stored in patrol device as reading order. Then connect device to software with USB cable, click “ Add from device”.
If you read 10 tags in total, first 8 are check point , last 2 are staff ID card. Then tick the first 8 and select the type “address card ”, click “next” and enter the name one by one .

Then repeat this operation again to to last 2 tags as staff card .

2. Route setup
This step is to tell patrol guards which check point they should go patrol.
After you finished the first step (as above),you need to create a route and add related address to this route .
For example , if your patrol device is worked for a building , and there are 8 sites should be patrolled in total, called 1F/2F/3F…8F.
Then you can create a route name called as “ Building”, and add 8 check point (1F/2F/3F…8F.) to this route .

3. Schedule setup
This step if to make a plan for security guard and tell them what’s their working time and how many times the security guards should patrolled everyday .

For example , if you want guard start work from 8:00am-18:00pm everyday , 5 times in total by 2 hours in a every time. Then schedule as below

Now all important setup finished , user can scan some tags for testing and go patrol.

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