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I’m the beginner of guard patrol system , how to pick up the correct model for me ?

2020-10-28 10:27:41

I’m the beginner of guard patrol system , how to pick up the correct model for me ? 

With the smart technology and computerized management popularize, guard tour patrol system are mentioned in contract purchasing list and applied in security protection project . But for some contractor , they may not much familiar for this system ,  this article main list the main popular guard tour patrol system in the market (classified by function) and help them to pick up the correct models .

1.        Common basic RFID guard tour patrol system , beginner level , with the most simple function to record patrol time , staff ID and check point name , can generate report allow user to download patrol attendance report from guard tour management software (PC based) . These device main work with USB cable to download data and software can be installed in a fixed PC .

a.         User group: Residential buildings, factories, shopping malls, hotels, subway security and cleaning staff patrol and check-in management

b.        Prevent patrol personnel or cleaning staff from being lazy, and ensure that patrol staff must patrol/check-in on time and in correct place

c.         Replace of manually data statics , electronic sign-in and intelligent software management are used to calculate the missed rate of patrol personnel more efficiently and accurately

d.        Anywhere there are peripheral areas that need to be patrolled, they can use RFID guard tour patrol system

2.        Real time online models

a.         Client used the traditional basic RFID guard tour patrol system already, but still think poor management for their growing business scale , so want to improve the management efficiency

b.        Wide and long patrol area .Such as railway , telecom base station maintenance, petroleum pipeline, bus station , transportation & Express, cleaning these places required long patrol working time and large span , can use real time online model to transfer patrol report to server remotely .

c.         Chain business . These enterprise have many branch office in different city even different country .The head office want to control all reports in same place and do spot check randomly. So real time online transmission can report all branch offices result to head office’s center server / cloud account timely without any delay. To ensure headquarters can get correct result anytime .

d.   Companies that are short of manpower and want to reduce labor costs, help them to reduce the staff these works to collect reports manually.

3.         Fingerprint models

a.         Places with strict requirements on the identity of patrol personnel. Such as server room technical maintenance, nurse rounds , maintenance workers such as pipeline repairs, daily maintenance and protection patrols, etc. These places must require employees with relevant experience to attend

b.        The police officers go out to confirm who is patrolling

c.         Supervisor to check duty security guard , by this to be sure the actual duty security guard and count their salary

4.        APP patrol

a. Regular maintenance checking rounds , the work staff are younger age and work indoor mostly

b. High-end property apartment

c. Petroleum and petrochemical or other places use for equipment inspection and ask external temperature measurement and vibration measurement equipment , also ask patrol function and SDK offered .


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