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Love from ZOOY

2017-05-22 13:45:23

Birthday , a date of boring , it’s a celebrating date for a person’s coming to the world .

In ZOOY, every staff’s birthday are all treasured by company .

ZOOY adhere to “human-oriented” as management concept always . To strengthen the belongingness of staff , and improve the sense of cognition, ZOOY hold birthday party every month for all our staff , this make all staff be warm and also present highly affirmation of each hard working staff . 

Warm-heart concern happen every day and show in every corner in ZOOY, which is also the most important factor why a power team created. Each staff take ZOOY as home , we work for ourselves but not only for company , each of us are treated as owner but not single “employee”. So that each of our staff can try best to work for his job position , working together ,solve problem together and grow together .

There will be more and more workmate join in us in future , ZOOY will adhere to the end , open to every staff and would like to work together , just with the same goal “working happy to create the most value for our group and ourselves ”.

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